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No need to depend on the Apple store for your iMac, Macbook and Mac Pro repairs. Get professional Apple products repairs by Apple Certified Technicians at Trio Computers.

Who said that Apple Mac repairs are possible only at the Apple store? Trio Computers is equipped to repair your iMac, Macbook or Mac Pro to the highest possible standard including LCD screen replacement together with Macbook battery replacement.

Our Apple product repairs are carried out efficiently and professionally by Apple Certified Technicians who ensure that all the relevant pre and post diagnostics and tests are carried out. Furthermore, we employ various methods of verifying that our repairs on your device are carried out in a qualitative manner.

Our job is to methodically repair and correct any and all faults found, guaranteeing that the internal components will function at their optimum level. We strive to ensure that your Apple device is repaired to the highest possible standard whilst being handled with all the care and precision you would expect from an Apple Certified Technician.


Mac Repair Services


Macbook Cracked Screen

Cracked Screen

Cracked Screen A cracked screen is a very common physical damage caused by an physical impact to your computer. Our viewing experience is greatly affected by screen. Therefore, we take it seriously and make sure you're getting back as the way it was or even newer.
Macbook Cracked Screen

Liquid Damage

Liquid Damage / Motherboard Repair Motherboard is the major component of a computer. It interconnects all the hardware to work together and provides power to each individual hardware.

Motherboard failure can cause varies of problem (Randomly shutoff, kernal panic, not booting, gray or black or white screen, loud noises, keyboard malfunction, unable to detect USB devices and producing beeping sounds).
Macbook Cracked Screen

Data Recovery

Data Recovery All information and data in the computer are stored in the hard drive. When it fails, it's a disaster for most of us. Hard drive life typical span is between 3 to 5 year and has 100% failure rate. But don't worry, we offer free advices if your hard drive is still at a working stage.
Macbook Cracked Screen

Hard Drive Replacement

Hard Drive Replacement Do you constanly see the spining rainbow circle on your Apple Mac System? This is first level indication for a hard drive problem. Other indications for serious problem are Clicking (click of death), Loud Nosie, stayed on Apple logo (gray screen) forever or showing a Folder with question mark.
Macbook Cracked Screen

Macnook Upgrade

Macnook Upgrade Do you recently notice your computer is running slower than it should? This is because the memory is running low or faulty hard drive.
Macbook Cracked Screen

Clean OS X Installation

Clean OS X Installation Have a computer loaded with junks or a computer given to you from your friend? We can do a Clean Installation for your computer. This will increase overall performance and make it like NEW.
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